Why Organic

At Living Planet we believe that organic, whole foods are healthier for you and the planet. Organic agriculture protects and conserves our natural resources and ensures that animal products are obtained humanely from healthy, happy animals.

We strive to preserve biodiversity, eliminate harmful chemicals and soil erosion. We say no to genetically altered products. Our cows are not treated with growth hormones and are fed an organic vegetarian diet. They are free to wander the paddocks and always have a plentiful supply of fresh clean water.

Our Quality Guarantee

If for any reason a Living Planet product is unsatisfactory we will happily replace the product or fully refund you.

If you are unsatisfied with one of our products and wish to have your purchase refunded please send the batch details of the product (printed on the packet), along with the reason you are unsatisfied, your name and postal details to info@livingplanet.com.au

Our Products

All Living Planet products are produced without the use of pesticides, genetically modified organisms, hormones, or any other harmful chemicals.